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Who is your oldest plushy?

Ok, so stuffed animals aren't exactly dolls - most of us have them and some of us make them so why not?

Re: Who is your oldest plushy?

Postby Lif » Sun Aug 03, 2014 3:06 am

I'm so happy I read your story Swan. I'm teary eyed now but somehow this story made me a bit more cheerfull today. Which I could use right about now.

My oldest stuffed animal is a monkey. My mom got him when I wasn't even born yet. And it waited patiently for me to arrive in a corner of my crib. And to this day it has never left my bed side. Its felt with cloth and has hay in its head for stuffing. Which has let me to almost lose him when I needed him the most. I was still a little girl and had a bad case of the flue. He as always, kept me company. But in an instant my stomage told me it no longer wanted to contain my breakfast... And I was to late getting Aapie out of the way... Mom didn't think he would make it out of the washingmachine in one piece... But we needed to try anyway because I was not ready for him to leave my side. He did make it but he was torn and battered heavely. His felted hands and face were torn and all. My mom patched him up as good as could. And I promised him I would be carefull with him from now on cause this whole episode gave me quit the scare.

And heres Aapie today:
ImageAapie by lifspics, on Flickr
Audrey: Soulkid Liddell
Molly: Bambicrony Ciao Roko
Blythe (clone)
Pip: Myserious Blythe clone
Kuma: Toy Field Kuma bear (small)
Isaac: commercial cheapisch baby dolly (but extremely cute!)
Read about them: Spark-a-doodle
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Re: Who is your oldest plushy?

Postby snake » Sat Aug 09, 2014 7:05 pm

It would have to be my pet monster,I've had him for 27 years this Christmas of 2014.
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Re: Who is your oldest plushy?

Postby quidam » Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:15 am

My oldest is Teddy-be my teddy bear. He's actually slightly older than me. An aunt gave him to my parents not too long before I was born. According to photos of him sitting in my crib, he was originally a bright lemony yellow and quite fluffy.
Nowadays he is flat on one side and missing most of his fur. Apparently I loved picking off his fur and eating it when I was little. He's had more surgeries than I can count, but has all of his original parts. Oddly enough, over time he has developed a small crease under his nose that looks like a tiny smile, so I assume he is happy despite his appearance. Currently he sits on my nightstand.

My second oldest I rescued from a second hand store when I was 3 and named after my pre-school crush: Jeff. He's a little bean filled leopard cub. He was beat up when I fist got him, but I'll never get rid of him. perhaps your beloved Poodle is also sitting on someone's shelf still being loved by someone as my little Jeff is.
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