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Introducing a little crowd of Monster High customs!

Show us your dollieh household and tell us their bios. (formerly Figure Biographies)

Introducing a little crowd of Monster High customs!

Postby Kadyssa » Mon Mar 14, 2016 5:18 pm

I don't have any particularly good photographs yet as I've been more interested in painting them than setting up pictures, but my little doll family is growing! All of them have been completely customized by me, including hair rooting and body blushing. (Haven't had the motivation to sew yet or the clothes would be by me, too...)

http://zigadooz.deviantart.com/gallery/ ... lls-Scraps <-The whole gallery, on Deviant Art!

On the back left is Magenta, who is currently my favorite doll. She's rooted with black wool that I rubbed into dreadlocks with pink & purple tibetan lambswool underneath. She was blushed with pastels and detailed with Prismacolor pencils. She's sweet at first glance but actually has a loud, occasionally vulgar personality. She's 19.

Back center, the nude girlie is my newly finished angler-fish inspired doll. Rooted with various colors of nylon hair, including a glow-in-the-dark strip down the middle, she'll be getting some kind of mohawk eventually. She was blushed with pastels and is my first doll completely detailed with paint, no pencil! She features glow-in-the-dark eyes, body and face decoration that is actually really bright in person. She needs a name, I need to find her leg fins and then I have to decide what kind of clothing will complement her glowing body...

Far left, middle row is my first boy. He's also nameless at the moment, but he's meant to be a southern water tribe warrior from Avatar: The Last Airbender. My first Nylon reroot, I ended up rooting his hair way too thick and now it looks a tad funny in a ponytail... He's blushed with pastels and detailed with Prismacolor pencils.

Middle row center is Nieve, my "snow angel," her name is spanish for "snow." She's rooted with blue and white tibetan lambswool. Her rooting was done by a friend as I was frustrated with the fiber and my friend has tiny hands that are perfect for working with dolls. :roll: She's blushed with pastels and detailed with Prismacolor pencils, but has painted whites in her eyes.

Middle row right, on the stand is Aquarius. She'll eventually be outfitted with a vase that will be 'pouring' glowing 'water' and dressed in something that looks vaguely greek... I'm still considering making a whole set of zodiac dolls. When I took down her hair it was full of bald spots... on a lucky guess I managed to order a perfect color match for her hair to fill the spots though! Blushed in pastels and detailed in Prismacolor pencils, I adore how warm and sunny I managed to make her look!

Sitting on the front chest, on the left, is Autumn. She's a fox spirit/demon who is quiet and contemplative. She's rooted with two colors of wool and actually has a massive bald spot at the back of her head. :lol: Blushed with pastels and detailed with Prismacolor pencils. Autums is actually the first monster high doll that I bought, and she was painted with automotive vinyl spray paint! Her feet and joints have chips, but they don't look awful.

Front chest on the right is Nimbus, inspired by western silver and turquoise jewellery. She's rooted with brushed yarn, blushed in pastels and has combined paint & pencil detailing. Nimbus is a 21 year old faun and an apprentice shaman.

These are the unfinished dolls in my group:

Most of these guys are super new and don't even have hair ordered yet, but then there's the Neighthan in the back left corner. He came in the same Amazon package as Magenta and has simply never been finished. Poor Neighthan, I promise I'm just waiting for my skills to improve so I don't destroy your beautiful face! At least he's patient.

I'm open to suggestions and help with naming my two unnamed, finished dolls!
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