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it's a family matter!

Show us your dollieh household and tell us their bios. (formerly Figure Biographies)

it's a family matter!

Postby mygreenpajamas » Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:32 pm

my doll family has completely changed. all of these guys arrived this past year as i rehomed my sds. i'm really happy with my little family. i only have about two more additions planned for next year but we'll see.

Micah and McKale - Fairyland LittleFees Bisou and Rachel

Micah and McKale are fraternal twins that have very different personalities. Micah is on the shy side and a bit of a bookworm. He has a fascination with technology that fuels his love for science! McKale is more outgoing and, unlike her brother who doesn't talk much, she has no inner monologue. While Micah spends his time in his laboratory, McKale enjoys playing outdoors, catching frogs and spying on cats. Often, her accounts of her daily life sound more like stories she's made up.

Maerwen - Fairyland PukiPuki Ante

Maerwen is an elf woman who lives in an old Sitka Spruce tree. Despite being centuries old, she appears to be an oddly portioned toddler about the size of one of McKale's dolls. She's very reserved as her race is uncommon and she has lived her life not knowing if others even exist, however, she was perfectly content. It wasn't until she heard McKale tell the butterflies stories by her tree that she realized how lonely she really was.
Zeet! - Mushroom Peddler's Wonderlings: Singe the Dragon

Zeet! is a yellow dragon, supposedly Micah's imaginary friend. The funny thing is, Micah is a boy of science and doesn't know what to think of Zeet!. He just sort of was always there. Zeet! reminds Micah to be a kid when he's too caught up in his studies. He's kind of like Micah's childishness manifested.

And Hatsune Miku is just Hatsune Miku!
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Re: it's a family matter!

Postby koratheexplora » Thu Aug 28, 2014 12:56 am

eeeh all of your tinies are making me want one!
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Re: it's a family matter!

Postby Kadyssa » Mon Mar 14, 2016 5:42 pm

Maerwen is so cute! I love her story, it makes me want to get a teeny tiny doll and paint the face old.
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Re: it's a family matter!

Postby theuke » Mon Apr 25, 2016 12:07 pm

omg are micah and mckale twins or something when i first across this post i fell in love with them two at first sight they are so diferent from each other i would a never though that they was twins
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