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Find out about new features, make wishes, bring up technical problems. Not a place to complain about naughty posts, etc...

Forum Rules

Postby Greyhaunt » Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:12 am

OH NOES - we haz rulez :( Well, only a few and I hope not unreasonable ones.

1). All dolliehs are allowed - there are exceptions as noted below.

2). Play nice. Sarcasm happens, as do the occasional snarky remark, but if you are found to be persistantly doing such things as may invoke a flame war you might find yourself getting a PM from me or a mod asking you to consider rewording things before you post again. Anyone who refuses to take our gentle hints will run the risk of getting themselves banhammered...please, don't make me do that cause I don't want to. (well, not most of the time)

3). No naughtiness outside of the Naughty Bits section. The definition of Naughtiness as it pertains to this forum is any doll being photographed in a sexualized manner alone or with other dolls and especially if interacting with said other dolls. Box openings and body comparisons are not considered naughty (unless it happens to be the naughty bits that you are comparing specifically). Use discretion with adult situations in photostories - when in doubt consult a mod. If you post a photostory and it is moved to Naughty Bits by a mod then that's where it's gonna stay. You must be a member in good standing (i.e. actually participating in the forum by posting 5 posts) and 18yrs of age or older to receive the password to Naughty Bits.

4). You must be a member in good standing (i.e. participating actively by posting into or starting threads) with a minimum of 50 postings before you can SELL in the Swap Meet. Anyone with 5+ posts can purchase from there. Let me also clarify what we mean by 50 posts, since lately there have been people blatantly forum spamming (i.e. posting short meaningless comments to zombieh threads, other sales threads etc... just to raise their post count). The 50 posts must be QUALITY posts - in other words they must show participation - and show that you actually want to come here and be a member, not just come here to make money off of our members. Mods will be alerted to any potential Seller Spammer and they WILL monitor your posts. I really didn't want to do this, because it makes me feel like DoA, but I also do not want people coming here just to "use" our membership. I presume that honest folks will understand the reason for this expanded explanation, and those who really did come here just to sell will give up before they start. Abuse of the forum for purely sales purposes may result in being banned.
4a). If a member is found to have a status of Marketplace Banned in Den of Angels then the situation will be investigated by Dollieh Sanctuary. If the MP Ban is a justifiable one and not corrected by the member, then they will be likewise banned from the Swap Meet of Dollieh Sanctuary until they have resolved the DoA problem. While this may appear to be unfair, we are just too small a forum to have a lot of feedback here, and our goal is always to protect our members!

5). Don't spam the board with comments just to raise your post count/rank. Honestly people, is your post count that important???? Post counts don't get you any prizes except for silly titles and those should be won honestly. This is a forum - not a posting contest. Doing this sort of thing will only succeed in pissing off other board members who take the time to write meaningful remarks, post photos and start threads, and piss off the mods and forum owner. You do not want to piss off the mods and forum owner. This includes necroposting, i.e. posting to an inactive, months-old thread without adding anything new and relevant. Anyone who appears to be spamming the forum just to raise their post count will find their post count frozen. Permanently. Could be worse - you could be banned.

6). If you are not an official mod, then you are not an official mod - please do not take it upon yourself to play moderator and censure other members publicly or in private. If you have an issue with a post, please bring it to the attention of a Mod (identifiable by their names being green and their titles being strange) and let them deal with it. Mods were chosen for their experience and diversity of opinion so as to offer a variety of insights into potential issues.

7). There is no Rule 7.

8). Dolls that have been manufactured specifically as a sexual toy for human beings of any gender are not allowed here whether they are being displayed in a sexual manner or not. This includes the Naughty Bits section. While we pride ourselves on "No Dollieh Left Behind" these items are simply not dolls. They are adult sexual aids and are misleadingly labeled as "sex dolls". These items fall far outside of what would be appropriate here.

9) Corporate advertising of any kind is not allowed. Posts by companies or individuals that are deemed by the moderators to be advertising will be deleted.

10) No blogging. While we do allow off topic subjects there are some non doll topics that are better left to other forms of social media.

11 No recasts. This includes illegal copies of any kind.

66). The rules are made by Greyhaunt in consultation with the Mods. Sometimes Greyhaunt makes them arbitrarily without consulting the Mods, just depends on her mood. If you disagree with any rule or how it is being enforced you can PM Greyhaunt or another Mod.
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