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SageGrouse is Swan!!

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SageGrouse is Swan!!

Postby SageGrouse » Fri Dec 23, 2016 6:00 pm

Hi, everyone! It's me, Swan, with a neatsy-keen new handle!

Why? Welllllll about two months ago, my computer had the electronic equivalent of a massive stroke. My hard-drive was so mangled, that my gurus at DotFoil said they couldn't even get the name of the OS off of it.

I lost *everything*. ALL my doll pictures, all my bookmarks, all my files, all my writings, 100%. So I'm starting over from literal Ground Zero. YAYYY! Opportunity!!

Since retirement, about 90% of the dolliehs have been re-homed, as well. So I'm really starting over. The few dolls I've kept are packed, until we know if we're going to live in the Honda, or a nice subsidized place (depends on what arrives first, our place in the line, or economic crash&burn) but as you know... Swans... and SageGrouses always land on our feet... wait... or was that cats? Well, anyway, I'm baaa-aaack in a neat new identity!

Swa- er... I mean SageGrouse!
Dolliehs? WHERE???
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