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Hi there

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Hi there

Postby Amazonas » Mon Feb 20, 2017 2:48 pm

I am one of the very view males into the BJD hobby. I have 14 dolls so far, mostly SD and MSD size. The SD dolls are a group of amazons. They allow me to live in their house. I have both new and used dolls. Except one, the other 3 used doll have been neglected dolls, unwanted, sold many times before they finally end up among that muscular elf amazon girls. There are only 2 boys. Its a weird bunch of a swordswoman, archers, mages and a gunslinger.

I do quite some modding, only one doll has escaped that so far. Some more then the other. One is nearly completely rebuild. They all get elf ears, but also mod for better posing, natural breasts and sometimes a pretty athletic body. Every doll get a detailed history, character with their personal do's and don'ts, likes and dislikes. Even their own sexual orientation, choice of music, behavior, humor and other thing to make their personality.

I think some of you might recognize them since i have been around in many groups on facebook. But no group was able to keep me interested for several months. Mostly due to drama, bashing cheap companies like Resinsoul. There was one exception and that was Resin United which was a nice group to be. But for some reason they give up and deleted the group. At that point i lost my interest in facebook. After several months i started to look around for new places.

My doll are divided in several races, but the story mainly deals about the big and small elvish race. Both races are detailed in backgrounds, religions, habits and laws. The small elvish race have no family names. Maybe some people recognize their names.

Big elves: SD
Famke Frisiana (sometimes written as Frysiana, archer) - Resoinsoul Ling
Saito Ikegami (commander, the thinker) - IMPLdoll Iris
Avalon Mercury (swordswoman) - IMPLdoll Bella
Freya Johandottir (blader/ scout) - hybrid Mirodoll body/ Domuya Faith head.
Ciske -the rat- Vrijmoeth (tall for his age 14 years old orphan streetwise vagabond boy) - Dollzone Floy

Small elves: MSD
Tesla (mage/spellsinger) - Resinsoul Mei
Kiki (queen of the small elvish race) - Angel of Dream Wansi
Danté (devil with golden heart genetically build with small elf DNA) IMPLdoll Moon
Jennifer Wales (gunslinger/bounty hunter, the only one with guns and a family name) - Doll Love Anona
Troy (young adult male in the resistance) - Dollzone Hid

Dwelf (Dwarf Elf) YOSD
Mimizan (time traveler, inventor, scientist) - IMPLdoll Pinky

Others: (mutants, races)
Jack Russel (fox - cat - elf hybride, often called Mister Russel) Doll Chateau Russel
Momo (fake small elf child, yet adult) Dollzone Momo
Aurora (flying dragon fly / elf like creature) Doll Chateau Beatrice

I write a other "in depth" post later about the comic book world i create with this dolls.
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Re: Hi there

Postby zirconmermaid » Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:34 am

Welcome, I hope you like it here!
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Re: Hi there

Postby Dark Angel » Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:02 am

Hello and welcome! I think you'll like it here, we're pretty drama-free. Also, I'm looking forward to seeing your dolls.
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Re: Hi there

Postby ShortNCuddlyAm » Tue Feb 21, 2017 12:08 pm

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