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Hello From a 1:6 Scale Doll Fanatic

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Re: Hello From a 1:6 Scale Doll Fanatic

Postby Kattriella » Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:20 pm

Eseme wrote:Welcome! I love 1/6 myself, and adore tiny things (I may branch out into 1/12 if I get room for a dollhouse....). We look forward to pictures and questions.

Remember, all dolliehs are welcome here!


I'm hoping to get a decent camera in the next few months for general photography purposes, but I have to get a new phone first . . . Mine isn't great to begin with, and I just cracked the screen. How, I'm not sure . . . I picked it up off the counter and turned it on one day and the screen was cracked. Go figure.

Tiny things are the best kind of things. :)
my dollieh is a goooood dollieh
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