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Heat Treating a wig for bugs

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Re: Heat Treating a wig for bugs

Postby Kattriella » Wed Dec 06, 2017 12:18 pm

Iwa_Hoshi wrote:
Kattriella wrote:They're usually only a couple of dollars, and well worth the money. I was trying to wash a dozen or so pairs of tiny jeans I'd just bought secondhand because 1.) I always wash my secondhand stuff, and 2.) They smelled . . . odd. And they didn't FEEL clean. After over an hour, the water was filthy and they still didn't feel clean. So the next day I bought a lingerie bag from work, then tossed them in with my own jeans on laundry day. Now they smell like Gain, and feel so nice because they also got a dose of fabric softener in the wash. :3

Lol~~~ It never occurred to me to get lingerie bag, it was always two or three pieces of tiny outfits that needed washing from time to time. Now I know how to solve at least one problem.

I understand about needing to wash secondhand clothes another time. Some of my first hand stuff were unused but they ended up yellowing and I had to wash those as well.

If I wash doll clothes, I usually do a lot of them at once, just to freshen up the things I use a lot. Super delicate stuff, like lacey tops or some vintage stuff, I would never put in the washer, but jeans and shirts go right into the bag and then into the swirling vortex of terror. Makes life so much easier.
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Re: Heat Treating a wig for bugs

Postby richila » Fri Dec 08, 2017 11:44 am

I use lingerie bags all of the time for my stuff and never thought about them for doll stuff. :oops:
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